Monday, November 19, 2007

Chiseling An Edge On Granite.

If you've decided to finish your granite countertop with a chiseled edge, and you're doing a lamination on your granite, do that first. Then, using a china marker, make a grid on the edge of the stone by measuring and marking 1/4" squares. Next, use a thin diamond blade and cut the grid roughly 1/8" into the side edge of the stone.

Now, with a stone chisel and a hammer, you will very deliberately and very carefully chip each square away. Be sure to be extra careful around the corners of the slab as you can lose the corner if you chip off too much stone.

After you have finished putting the chiseled edge on the sides of the slab, you will use a wire wheel attached to a drill or grinder, and buff the chiseled edge to remove the chisel marks.

You should be aware that when granite is chiseled in this way, there may appear to be a color difference between the edges and the granite's surface. For example, when chiseling the granite color commonly known as Tan Brown, the chiseled edges can look a little lighter than the surface area. To even the color difference, Pectro black can be applied to darken it, and bring the edges closer to the surface color. You may also want to add some glow to it. Telux stone lacquer can be applied to give the chiseled edge a warm glow. Pectro and Telux are both Tenax products. Tenax is a company that manufactures a line of stone finishing products that can help you to enhance the beautiful chiseled edge added to your granite countertop.

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